Join our Board of Directors & Help us Grow!

What is a Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors is a group of individuals, up to 20 people, who are charged with making decisions regarding the day-to-day functioning of Nova Scotia Environmental Network, an NPO (a non-profit organization).  

Directors are volunteers, and anyone can be a competent Board Member. We welcome people from a diverse set of background & experience!

We’d love to have representation from across the province – you don’t have to live in Halifax to be involved.

We welcome all to apply – students, recent grads, professionals, retirees – and everyone in between!
Why join the NSEN Board of Directors?

  • Gain professional contacts and friends in the environmental sector in Nova Scotia
  • Bring your interests, background, and skills to the day to day operation of  a non-profit society
  • Create and manage projects that to add depth to your portfolio
  • Experience collaborating with government and environmental groups
  • Engage with the public on environmental issues affecting Nova Scotians
  • Be a part of a passionate team that is looking to connect environmental advocates and activists and cause a sustained positive change in our ecosystems


Great to Have: 

  • Winning interpersonal skills
  • Ability and willingness to work cooperatively on a team to meet the association’s objectives
  • Open minded to innovative ways of doing things & open to considering new solutions 
  • Drive to cultivate an acceptance, ability and active interest in working inclusively with a diversity of cultures, ages, abilities, genders, learning styles, and spiritual beliefs & practices
  • A passion and willingness to continually learn new things
  • Have at least a moderate understanding – or some practical experience – in one or more aspects of science and global concerns including knowledge of current world and local environmental issues


Competencies that we are Looking for on the Board: 

  • Financial management or accounting credentials and budgeting know-how
  • Computer systems & design: setting up and troubleshooting systems and tools for our work; design and update websites; social media execution and strategy; knowledge in Excel, Word, Graphics, PowerPoint, metrics, and statistics, etc.
  • Knowledge of meeting technology and software, using digital projectors, conference calling systems, education and training software, and other tools.
  • Fundraising-knowledge and experience, experience accessing funds through a variety of methods—social media, crowdsourcing, special events, donor campaigns, etc.
  • Writing, editing, and publication design/layout. Capacity to write and format letters, professional presentations, other documents in a manner that is clear and accessible to all.
  • Experience in group facilitation; board, volunteer, and membership recruitment and coordination
  • Marketing and engagement of partnerships in businesses, organizations, academic/research departments, and the general public to take environmental responsibility, attend our events and activities, and speak on our behalf, as needed.
  • Legal background, especially if familiar with non-profit needs, bylaws, N.S. Registry of Joint Stocks, liability issues and matters that may require a legal opinion.
  • Office management, setting up working systems for others to use, scheduling, keeping operations organized and working smoothly, taking meeting minutes.
  • Education & Training in a variety of areas: policy, climate, food, water, mining, social justice, engineering, management, etc. We’re open to hearing from anyone! 
  • Sensitive negotiation and crisis response skills to solve problems and communicate with people from diverse groups and background knowledge
  • People from different cultural groups and traditions, those with multiple language skills, as well as differences in gender, ability, learning styles and diversely abled 


Expectations of a Board Member 

  • Complete the Board Member application (below) and provide the names of two local references who can speak to your interests on the board. (You may also give us a copy of your resume, if you choose).
  • Have a brief interview with Board Members
  • Be an NSEN member in good standing (i.e. paid up).
  • Accept NSEN’s mission and objectives and be committed to doing work required to achieve them.
  • Take part in a brief orientation, and some basic Board training at the beginning of your term.
  • Be free of bias in terms of our mandate without personal agenda
  • Be clear and transparent in all your actions, and have no conflict of interest from sitting on the Board of NSEN.
  • Be able to devote approximately two hours each month on an appointed day and time for regular Board meetings (usually via conference calls, but can be in person).
  • Come prepared and up-to-date to all Board and Committee meetings, to ensure that effective work is accomplished in an efficient manner.
  • Be available for an additional one- two hours a week (average), for committee work, etc.
  • Keep in regular touch, with updated phone or email, so we can contact you easily, as needed.
  • Let the Board know if you will be out of town or out of the country for an extended time (one month or more). You may need someone to cover your duties for that time period, until your return.
  • Participate in other Board functions, such as occasional team-building, workshops, special events, planning exercises, and other tasks in order to meet the agency goals.


Board Member Application: 


We’d love to hear from anyone with an interest in being a part of our dynamic team! Please email Megan at with your application or for more info!

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