Environmental and Sustainability Education Caucus

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“To raise the profile of environmental and sustainability education in Nova Scotia through increasing understanding, capacity, and communication amongst environmental organizations and their partners in order to maintain ecological integrity and sustainable communities.”

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  1. To increase communication, encourage collaboration, and share resources among groups and their partners.
  2. To provide training and professional development for educators, ENGO’s and their partners.
  3. Provide a network of environmental educators and resources to ENGO’s and their partners across the province.
  4. To collaborate on raising awareness of environmental and sustainability issues.
  5. To further promote the integration of environmental and sustainability education and policy.
  6. To facilitate evaluation and research that supports environmental and sustainability education.

 Values we believe…

  •  in conserving natural ecosystems as our priority.
  • that better education encourages individuals to adopt behaviours which reduce environmental impact and promote human health as it relates to the natural environment.
  • that environmental education is essential in creating a connection with the natural world which will cause individuals to care for it and want to protect it.
  • that corporate, government and institutional structures must adopt sound environmental practices.
  • that environmental and sustainability education is a critical component of the curriculum in the public and post-secondary education system.
  • in fostering the spiritual, physical, emotional and social well being of individuals and communities as they relate to the natural environment.
  • in environmental, economic and social changes occurring through a democratic and grassroots community development process.
  • that environmental and sustainability education address the relationships between injustice, poverty and environmental issues on a local and global scale.
  • that environmental and sustainability education be accessible to all.
  • that environmental and sustainability education respect cultural diversity.

 Target audience

  • formal, non-formal and informal education systems