Next conference call dates: every 1st Thursday of the month at 11AM (email Amy.Buckland-Nicks@merseytobeatic.ca or kschnare@gmail.com to join the call).
Check out past notes, members, shared research, etc. here: http://bit.ly/2o4dmwj.

Find the contact list for the group here: NSEN Water Caucus Contact List.

The evolving, multifaceted purpose of the Water Caucus is to…

… help identify and learn about common issues so that we can coordinate and take action together.
… create opportunities to network and build relationships, which could manifest as partnerships in the future.
… provide a unifying voice around regional/provincial issues at multiple levels of government to gain greater public attention and spur action.
… represent and facilitate collaboration between a diversity of non-profit organisations, local/provincial/federal government, First Nations, and private sector.
… help to build capacity of individual organisations through information sharing, providing tools/services, and facilitating partnership opportunities for funding.