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Please take time to secure your membership with NSEN today. It is important for our member groups, and their individual members, just stand up and be counted. There is strength in numbers, and we need all hands on deck to do the valuable work at the community level to ensure that we as Nova Scotians have the pure air food water and healthy soil that our birthright, and that are the cornerstones of a healthy environment and healthy citizens.

Member groups have access to senior officials at the Ministry of the Environment and other government departments. There are also opportunities to meet with academics and industry members to develop progressive environmental policy.

Working together with other ENGOs insures regular sharing of information and best practices, so that individuals are working collectively rather than in isolation.

There are many opportunities for open dialogue and working in partnership across the province. Help us build our numbers and expertise. JOIN TODAY!

Benefits of being a member with NSEN:

  1. Delegate selection for government and public consultation
  2. Invitation to our annual roundtables and conferences
  3. One vote per member organization at our Annual General Meeting
  4. Opportunity to join and nominate a representative to our Board of Directors
  5. Opportunity to join our caucuses and working groups
  6. Promotion of your group through our outreach activities and events
  7. Membership with the Canadian Environmental Network
  8. Free advertisements for events on our website, social media, and newsletter
  9. Opportunity to connect with like-minded organizations or individuals to work together on projects
  10. Capacity building opportunities (i.e. workshops)
  11. For students\individuals: volunteer opportunities\opportunities for practical experiences

Questions? Please contact us at

2 thoughts on “Membership

  1. Dear group,

    I’m studying environmental education as a master degree in Berlin. I’m right now in Nova Scotia, in a village close to antigonish.
    I was actually on the way to get a nice hiking trail around cape Breton and elsewhere and beside my internet reserche I read something about ,,environmental education” and At this moment I getting really excited to know what’s going on with this stuff in Canada.
    I found you’re homepage and you’re work sounds really interesting for me !
    Do you think there is any opportunity to come to you’re place ?
    I’m really interested about you’re job and you’re doing in Canada and I would love to give you a helping hand, if you need a volunteer. You’re looking like a groups that are part of this caucus working on environmental education. Maybe one of you need a volunteer ?
    I had already a fixed term job on a education farm at the team leader group. And right now I’m in a group of 5 students and we designing and practicing environmtal courses and lessons for refugees in whole Berlin.

    I hope you got a short impression of me. If you have any other questions so let me know. We can skype as well.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
    Best wishes

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