Sign the 2030 Declaration for Climate Justice in Nova Scotia

The Imagine 2030 Network has been working among a wide array of environmental organizations, grassroots groups, labour organizations, Mi’kmaq people, and businesses on a Declaration for climate action, climate justice and the green economy here in Nova Scotia. The immediate goal of the campaign is to convince the Nova Scotia government to hold public consultations and to update the Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act (EGSPA) to include ambitious climate justice targets.

The primary proposed climate target is a 50% reduction in provincial greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions below 1990 levels by 2030. If the province were to adopt this target and make it legally binding, many problematic fossil fuel developments being proposed in NS at present and in the future would be impossible to approve. The key, however, is to ensure these critical changes to our society go hand-in-hand with a just transition for workers and communities.

This Declaration has come from months of conversations within the network and beyond, and the advocated GHG target and jobs information is partly based on the Green Economy Network’s Climate Jobs Plan for Nova Scotia. While the Declaration is intentionally short and sweet, any organizations who sign on are encouraged to send a brief quote to be attached to the Declaration, highlighting why they signed on, why they think it is worthwhile, or just to add their own unique perspectives on climate justice.

The Declaration is provided below. If your organization will sign on to the Declaration, please forward your intent to Stephen Thomas, Energy Campaign Coordinator at EAC ( If you would like to know more about the campaign before signing on, please get in touch with Stephen.

The launch event for the 2030 Declaration is at 10 AM on Thursday, August 30th at Hope Blooms in Halifax. Everyone is encouraged to attend!