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The Nova Scotia Environmental Network (NSEN) was established in 1991 and is a non-profit organization registered provincially under the Society Act. The network is comprised of non-governmental environmental and health groups whose common purpose is the conservation and enhancement of the natural environment and the pursuit of a sustainable future for Nova Scotia.

There are approximately 60 environmental organizations in the Network. NSEN facilitates the forming of caucuses and working groups among its members, such as on Environmental & Sustainability Education, Water, and Climate Change.

NSEN also organizes events, capacity-building workshops, annual gatherings, award ceremonies, and roundtables to support the work of its members. Their interactive and comprehensive website features an events listing, job & volunteer opportunities, action alerts, sustainability resources directory, information on a variety of environmental issues, and fundraising & media tools.


Our mission is to connect environmental and health organizations together to conserve and embrace our natural environment and achieve a sustainable future for Nova Scotia. We know that we are stronger and can be more successful if we work together to affect positive change.


The purpose of the NSEN is to provide support for the members in their efforts to achieve their environmental and health goals, by facilitating information exchange and by providing a medium for coordinated action plans.


NSEN is a provincial, non-partisan umbrella organization.  The NSEN will not take political stands or endorse a political party. However, member groups and issue-specific caucuses of the NSEN, such as the Environmental Education or Climate Change Caucus, may choose to take a political stand on issues.  As well, for its member groups, the NSEN organizes an All Parties’ environmental survey and platform review, an All Parties’ Environment and Health Forum, and press conference during provincial elections.


The objectives of the Nova Scotia Environmental Network are:

  • To provide a medium of communication for its members via a list serv, website and publication
  • To encourage its members to share information, resources, energy and expertise
  • To facilitate communications and interaction between its members, affiliate networks, governments and the general public on environmental issues, policies and programs
  • To bring members together through the caucuses, biannual roundtables, and annual conferences
  • To act as a liaison between members and the provincial and federal government
  • To provide its members access to the programs and resources of the Canadian Environmental Network
  • To carry out educational activities that develop community awareness of environmental conservation and promote sustainability, and to encourage other organizations to do the same.

NSEN By-Laws

These were updated and approved at NSEN’s annual general meeting on June 27th, 2018.  The full set of by-laws is available here: NSEN ByLaws 2018

You can find the specific updates that were made here: Summary of 2018 By-law Updates


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  1. Janelle,
    A link to the RNS re NS Recreation Strategy may be hopeful for some…
    Goal #3 of 5 suggests Connecting People with Nature. This may create some new partnerships as RNS and NS Health & Wellness begin to implement the Strategy around the province through regional gatherings, coming soon.
    I chatted with Brendon Smithson at Health & Wellness and he is collaborating with RNS, Rhonda Lemire at http://www.recreation.ns.ca where one can look at the Strategy and perhaps connect with next steps.
    Just a thought.
    PS Happy New Year

  2. I have written a workbook to be used in a workshop setting to promote lifestyle change with regard to sustainability and climate change issues.

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